Holly Phillips of the English Room in Charlotte is used to taking on a challenge — she’s a designer after all.

So when she was asked to do a One Room Challenge this past fall, Holly knew she could make it happen. And she knew exactly which room to tackle.

“The playroom in my house is basically a wallowing pit of destruction,” she explains in a half-laugh, half-truth tone. “As with many designers, getting to your own home is often your last priority. I tend to push client projects ahead of mine in the workroom.” The negative to this overused room is that Holly’s husband, children and three dogs use and abuse it constantly, thereby pushing the décor to the bottom of the priority list.

“You also enter this room directly from the back door, and I hate what guests are forced to see upon entering this oversized dog bed of a room,” adds Holly. “The sectional was the wrong color when I bought it at the Mitchell Gold Outlet, but I loved the lines knowing I would recover it in the future.” The future was now present, with the One Room Challenge, so she dove in headfirst.

The One Room Challenge, for those who aren’t familiar, is a semi-annual event where 20 bloggers, made up of professional designers, Diy’ers, and interior design bloggers, transform a room from start to finish hosted by Linda of Calling it Home.

“This was both a marathon and a sprint,” says Holly. “Six weeks seems to always fly by in the blink of an eye.”

The end result is a fun, functional and fresh room for her family to enjoy. The art is her personal favorite.


“I can’t resist a great gallery wall and am proud of this fun mix. This room is all about comfort without sacrificing the quality or level of design. The colors are punchy and a signature to my own style. The layers of accessories and collected mementos complete the eclectic look of this bold space.”