Perfectly Patterned

An Austin home is bathed in color and endless personalized style.

 “These clients love color, which is what made this renovation project so fun,” explains interior designer Madison Mullins of CG&S Design-Build, a full-service design-build firm based in Austin, Texas, and known for its unique ability to do it all under one roof. As they say, they do more than fix houses — they make houses whole (and colorful).

 The family wanted to turn their dark and dated mid-century ranch home into a bright, colorful, personalized retreat. Structurally, the CG&S design team wanted to honor the home’s architectural integrity while bringing in a more eclectic interior style that still felt cohesive with the design period.

 “It was an amazing experience getting to know the clients during the renovation of this mid-century ranch home. This family is energetic, and they needed their home to reflect their fun personalities,” says Mullins. “Today, one of the top trends in interior design is personalization and unique features. We were ahead of the design curve on this project.”

 The team vaulted the ceiling in the kitchen to bring in more light and a sense of volume while maintaining a classic mid-century aesthetic. Installers ran new hickory En Bois hardwood flooring throughout the home, accenting with traditional terrazzo tile. “There was actually original terrazzo tile in the entryway of the home,” explains Mullins, “but we weren’t able to preserve it. Bringing in the new terrazzo nods to what was once there.”

 The stars of the design, however, are the beautiful shades of vibrant colors and bold patterns that grace the walls and cabinets. Blues, yellows, florals and abstracts come together to add energy, fun and happiness to every room. “The colors and patterns are definitely eclectic but they all work together and feel at home in the space,” says Mullins. “One of my favorite moments was selecting wallpapers for the personalized vanities in the girls’ bathroom. I selected the papers with their daughters, and they were delighted to have a say in their space.”

 To coordinate the diverse set of finishes, the team used 3D rendering software throughout the design process to test each material. The final result is cohesive bliss. “We brought in so much color that blues really started to act as our neutrals,” states Mullins. “When going this bold in design choices, you have to make sure everything works before you make it permanent. I love that we were able to represent the family’s style in a way that feels timeless and will serve them for years to come.”

 She adds, “It’s hard to pick a favorite finish in this home because they are all so unique. I love the primary bath tile accent wall that ties in these calming colors while making a statement. One of my favorite wallpapers is the pool bath selection. It’s called Flashdance Margaritaville. How could you not have fun with that?”

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