Modern Dreamboat

Nestled in the rolling foothills of Asheville, the Moore’s home is not just a modern architectural dreamboat; it’s also a retreat – the dream home of this empty nester couple on their new adventure in life.

The couple visited Asheville on vacation and decided immediately that they wanted to retire there. Before they left, they purchased the perfect lot in Lakeview Park – just four miles from downtown – and four years later, they contacted Carlton Architecture to get started on the build. “The Moores were very receptive to our creative direction,” recalls Rob Carlton, owner and lead designer of Carlton Architecture and Design Build. “They weren’t predisposed to a particular architecture style and they warmed immediately to our site-sensitive, authentic approach.” 

Downsizing from an estate in Ithaca, New York, it was a perfect opportunity for a lifestyle reset – as Rob puts it. The plans were set, and as Carlton Architecture’s mantra dictates, the land calls the shots. “Their desires for main level living were in conflict with the site,” explains Rob. “The steep slope and geometry of the property required us to put the home closer to the road. It also meant that the footprint had to be broad and shallow to minimize the impact on the natural surroundings.”

The Moores chose a lot that was close to town with beautiful views of the Asheville Mountains. Karen Moore designed the interiors herself, making sure there were no unused rooms or wasted floor space. “For me, good home design starts with feeling comfortable immediately,” says Karen.

“No rooms for ‘display only’; and using lots of natural light alongside thoughtful lighting design, too.” Replacing many of their traditional pieces with more modern ones, Karen purchased many of their pieces from Mobilia in downtown Asheville that features clean lines and modern designs. “In my mind, you should get rid of anything that you don’t love or need,” advises Karen.

When asked about her favorite room in the home, Karen decides that it’s the main living space. “This area feels warm with Cypress walls and ceilings and huge windows,” she explains. “I love the black steel fireplace and black steel accents in the kitchen; I love the exposed steel beams that are the major support structures for the home. I love the trough lighting that is in all three areas. I feel like I live in a tree house.”