Dictionary.com defines Panache as “a grand or flamboyant manner; verve; style; flair.” A colleague used it to describe me and that’s how I got my business name. 

It flows into my design aesthetic as bold and strong elements, such as the chandelier in this room. It is 8 feet in diameter and suspended 14 feet from the ceiling. The shimmering dining wall is comprised of approximately 43,000 1x2 inch glass tiles. The clear and matte glass set in a vertical stripe pattern creates a watery effect as the light reflects across the surface. The room is grounded with a leathery cork floor, which is softer to walk on and absorbs noise better than wood or tile. 

I am a keen observer of nature and architecture — both play equally into my work. Juxtaposing the architectural lines of the chandelier against the watery tones of the glass and the warmth of the cork floor is an example. It’s soft and bold, simultaneously. 

The same can be said about Austin — harmoniously relaxed and vibrant. I believe in “keeping Austin authentic” rather than weird. I’m an advocate of supporting local businesses, especially artists and artisans. This project in Villa Montana was built in collaboration with Greg Mangum of Mangum Lewallen Builders. It is filled with original pieces of art by Caprice Pierucci, Kim Bernson, Hank Waddell, Rebecca Bennett, Amy Scofield and Roi James.

Consider me a design concierge. My knowledge and skill streamlines the process resulting in a look that expresses the client’s spirit, not the latest trend. A successful job is an ecstatic client.  

Next year I will celebrate my 30th year as a designer. I’ve done everything from swags on poles to railroad cars and travelled as far as Austria to work on projects. This summer I’ll add Australia. My work has been rewarding and afforded me privileges and introductions to countless interesting people that have shaped my design aesthetic — which is perhaps a bit “Rad.”