Keeping It In the Family

An Eastover gem gets a modern makeover. Gordon Mattocks inherited his parents’ appreciation for art and antiques. Not only that, a number of his parents’ old pieces populate his home today...

Gordon Mattocks inherited his  parents’ appreciation for art and antiques.  Not only that, a number of his parents’ old pieces populate his home today.        

He and his wife, Anne-Miller, live in the stately eastover home he grew up in. A major, modern renovation made it very much their house. But Gordon’s parents, now deceased, are honored here. 

“The main thing Gordon and Anne-Miller wanted,” says their interior designer and friend, Gray Walker, “was to blend family antiques with their new, modern furniture and art. They wanted to keep these old family pieces and decorate around them.”  Gray’s clients generally have an appreciation for fine antiques and want to include at least some in their décor – even if their aesthetic is mostly modern. So, she’s used to the request and knows how to effortlessly blend old and new.

In this case, that meant going to the Mattockses’ storage units and measuring every piece of furniture there. She needed to make sure her plan for where to place each piece was going to work. 

Anne-Miller and Gordon, a stockbroker, have three young children, but Gray says being surrounded by family heirlooms is no problem for them. “This family lives in every room of their house,” Gray says. “And Anne-Miller keeps her house immaculate. They taught their children from a very young age to appreciate the fine things you may have around you. So, there’s nothing off-limits.” 

“Things do happen, though,” Gray adds. “and that’s ok with Anne-Miller. When an accident happens, she looks at it as adding patina to a piece.” 

With Gray’s help, the Mattockses seamlessly blended heirlooms and thoroughly modern finds. Centuries-old antiques feel right at home with modern touches and modern art – much of it from hidell Brooks. Most of their artwork was purchased before they hired Gray to work with architect Ken Pursley on their home renovation. And they let their art guide many of their design decisions, especially when it came to color. 

Although the walls are mostly pristine white, the home feels colorful. It comes from the upholstery and art, which are bold and lively enough to grab your attention. A green velvet sofa stands out near a fireplace with a blue-and-white tile surround. Bright orange and turquoise wake you up in one room, while soft grays and browns soothe in another. 

“Color exemplifies them,” Gray says of her clients. and so does impeccable taste. Gordon Mattocks has an inherent feel for elegance. “If I put two blue silks in front of Gordon, he’ll choose the one that’s $300 a yard,” Gray says with a laugh. “He has the best taste of any man I’ve ever worked with!” 

Good taste – like the home and antiques – were handed down from one Mattocks generation to the next. “art and antiques – those are in the family’s genes,” Gray says.

The Mattockses were a dream client for Gray. Their aesthetics matched, as both client and designer like to mix old and new. The couple has an appreciation for materials and craftsmanship that are made to last. And anne-Miller is decisive. “She makes a decision, and doesn’t look back,” Gray says. so, the design process was smooth. Decision-making – often one of the hardest things about a major renovation – is one of Anne-Miller’s fortes. 

While there’s a clutter-free formality to the elegant home, there’s also something about it that welcomes you to take your shoes off and curl up on a sofa under a cashmere throw. The home’s textures including silk, velvet, leather, and marble are all delicious. 

“I went on a texture kick,” Gray says. the dining room walls are adorned in a hand-painted silk wallpaper by de Gournay. The home even has several upholstered doors including one door that is covered in cowhide and has an oval design done in nail heads. 

The home is also noteworthy for its symmetry. “I like for a room to be easy to read,” Gray explains of her interest in balance. “I think it relaxes you.” 

“Relaxing” is a good word to describe the Mattocks home. It’s elegant without being fussy. It’s contemporary with a sense of history. And its rich textures invite you to linger.

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