Own a Local Business That Helps Other Local Business Owners

For over 16 years, Home Design & Decor Magazine has been helping thousands of local business owners grow their business through direct mail and social media marketing.

As a licensee of Home Design & Decor Magazine, you will have very little upfront costs, you can work from your home office and have the flexibility to be your own boss.

Ideal Franchisee Profile

  • A background in sales, sales management, advertising, marketing or business development
  • Ability to work well with other local business owners
  • Strategic problem solver who enjoys helping other business owners
  • Husband and wife or partner teams are ideal

Why the Magazine Works

Shelter magazines that focus on design and decorating, be it national or regional magazines, have some of the longest shelf life of any periodical that entered the home. Unlike low quality direct mail coupon mailers, magazines and postcards, Home Deign & Decor Magazine is printed on some of the highest quality paper in the industry—a heavy stock, glossy paper. With stunning magazine covers and insightful articles within each issue, affluent homeowners find enormous value in researching local design and decorating resources for their families.

Local Relationships Between Business Owners

As a franchisee of Home Design & Decor, you will build relationships with other local business owners that will last a lifetime. With the flexibility to design and incorporate local content from your community that showcases the design work of your advertisers, you will develop relationships that go well beyond other magazines that simply sell ads. Your clients have a great story to tell about their success and their business and Home Deign Design & Decor has the format and distribution that ensures advertiser and your success.

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