Charlotte Lucas has never been one to shy away from a design collaboration that feels right. After all, the North Carolina–based designer has worked on several idea show homes and even has a luxury line of finished goods with House of Harris, created with her sister, designer Liz Carroll.

So when she and Katherine Mulford, longtime friend and founder of Modern Matter, began talking about their latest projects, they soon realized it was the perfect time for them to collaborate. “Kat and I have been friends for a long time and we’re always chatting about our design work,” says Lucas. “When I told her I was selected to design this year’s Southern Living idea show house, she suggested we design a coastal-inspired collection that can be used in the home. And so we did.”

The seaside-inspired Charlotte Lucas for Modern Matter collection of hardware is not coastally overdone. In fact, much of the line was inspired by the duo’s visits to New York City, where brownstones adorned with antique door knockers or jewelry pop-ups chock-full of vintage pieces informed the collection’s design. “I wanted the line to have enough bandwidth of general style to work in any setting,” says Lucas, regarding coupling the aesthetics.

The eight-piece collection features door knobs and knockers, drawer and appliance pulls, and, as Lucas hoped, complements just about any interior design style.

“I love this little flower with a ring pull at the bottom. It feels like a piece of jewelry and dresses up any kitchen cabinet or bath vanity.”

“In this collection we used some really interesting colors, such as a turquoise patina in some of the crevices of the hardware. It was an extra added layer of detail and interest that I love.”

“This is a really beautiful edge pull with scallops. It was a mix of some coastal nods with some vintage and antique pieces, which is how my work usually evolves.”

“This line is very versatile. The little knob has a white stone, but it can be swapped out to a turquoise stone or a coral stone if you need a pop of color.”