In 1998, furniture designer Yannick Gicquel crossed paths with his now-wife, Fanny, in Paris, and the rest, as they say, is history. From that point on, new designs and daring forms have flowed easily from the pair in an elevated take on Gicquel’s original focus. The couple has launched Popus Editions to produce furniture with an emphasis on architecture, design, color, and materials. In their latest collection, rattan pieces are bent in unorthodox shapes and paired with vibrant vintage-inspired patterns for a warm and inviting grouping of pieces. The Disco Pouf and the Fauteuil Annka Chair shown here feature vintage-inspired fabric with rounded rattan edges and contemporary feet. “The colored lacquer feet give [the Disco] that offbeat look we love," Gicquel says.


As parents of three, the founders of Studio ROOF were constantly at play, interacting with their young children in imaginative ways. As they grew, it was more apparent than ever that flights of fancy and the desire to play is an all-ages sport that has an important place in everyday life. From that belief sprang Studio ROOF, a Netherlands-based design group that focuses on imaginative products using eco-friendly materials. Every piece is made of recycled cardboard and brilliantly colored with plant-based vegetable inks. The bouquet collection is a callback to the most original form of beauty: the flower. In bold hues and simple shapes, the bouquet collection is an easy and stunning way to liven up your space.


For more than a decade, Oomph has been bringing that “pop of color” to designs all over the country. Mixing bold colors with interesting elements like scalloped edges, tassels, and elegant hardware has made Oomph the design house it is and has paved a sophisticated path for designing with color. The Rowayton Bachelorette Chest is a chic take on a classic silhouette with beautiful details, custom hardware, and soft-close drawers. Slim lined, tall, and minimalist, the chest features ample drawer space, including a sleek extra top drawer to stow away any small items you may want.


Textile designer Imogen Heath is known for her brilliant use of color and pattern, with her fabrics, trims, and embroidery making appearances in designs worldwide. The UK-based designer draws inspiration from the creative process as well as the natural world around her, combining colors and patterns that are instinctive yet original. The Clementine Collection consists of trims and borders hand-embroidered on recycled wool melton fabric by artisans in the UK. Completely bespoke, each custom layout and thread color can be specified to suit your project.


The Parade Collection of rugs, fabrics, and wallpapers from Pierre Frey is not just a color story but one of daring and graphic designs using techniques that stimulate and excite. Inspired by the bustling art scene of interwar Paris, avant-garde design, and greater European influences, the collection features fabrics with geometric shapes in bright and cheerful colors made with natural and contrasting materials, and papers featuring traditional prints on pearlescent or gold backgrounds, 3D metalized techniques, and digital prints on thread. Cubism, expressionism, and abstract art inspired Pierre Frey's design studio to create this striking collection, with extraordinary embroideries that highlight rich techniques and the undeniable quality of French know-how.


Barrie Benson and Highland House are hardly newcomers to the design scene, but their signature Elsa Armless Banquette in bold patterns feels like a breath of fresh air. Drawing inspiration from midcentury pieces, the Elsa was purposely designed with placement in mind. It features low proportions that won’t block light in front of windows and set-back arms that make it easy to maneuver in and out. Endlessly customizable, this banquette is a perfect addition in many settings, but Benson loves it for kitchens to soften hard surfaces.


“Small things, beautifully done” is desktop design house Parvum Opus’ mantra. And from waste baskets to trays and everything in between, each of its products is a master class in elevating the mundane to something extraordinary. The latest collection of oval shadow boxes is inspired by a pair of antique “bubble glass” frames in founder Erika Stefanutti’s personal collection. Each box is handmade using modeler’s wood and colorful hand-marbled papers, with domed glass enclosing a collection of Italian plaster intaglios in two colors. Frame openings are finished with a jeweler’s brass bezel and ingenious inset hanging hardware that allows the piece to hang perfectly flush against your wall or bookcase. Says Stefanutti, “I hope these new designs become heirlooms in their own right and that they spark curiosity and inspiration, just like the pieces from centuries past.”


With a passion for creativity and innovation, Sazerac Stitches started as a small sewing company on Etsy that made mustache flags. Over the past ten years, the company has shifted its focus to colorful, vintage-inspired lighting. The Hendrix Sconce is a perfect encapsulation of their mission, designed to look as if the colors are spinning around each other like tie dye. The unique circular fixture features Mediterranean blue, black cherry, orchid, red, flame, yellow, and mermaid green and can be hung horizontally or vertically.


Artist Wayne Pate’s paintings have captivated the design world with his unique twists on traditional motifs. New York–based custom textile design studio and showroom Studio Four has partnered with Pate to translate his signature figural style into their textiles and wallpapers. Offering custom carpet and rugs, fabric, and wallcoverings for luxury projects, Studio Four represents a mix of design leaders and emerging boutiques from across the country and around the world. Pate’s partnership brings a colorful take on traditional patterns that can be translated easily into most design projects. The Jaipur design is printed on clay-coated paper and comes in malachite, argent, and lapis colorways.


Canadian-based design group EQ3 prides itself on its attention to product design and the process itself, both transparent and collaborative. "At EQ3, we aim to create products that allow creativity to flourish and self-expression to thrive,” says Natasha
Lao, head of brand marketing & communications. “The Replay Daybed is a new addition to our beloved Replay family of products, which can now be upholstered in EQ3’s new environmentally conscious performance fabrics.” The Maria Lemon color is part of EQ3's new line and is named after Italy’s queen matriarch. The chenille fabric features a thick multi-yarn construction that allows for a beautiful drape, and the lemon color adds a bright pop to any room.


Julia B., the Italian-based designer and creator of some of the world’s finest handmade linen and home luxury items, has paired with New York–based painter and designer Happy Menocal on a new and colorful collaboration. The Happy Home collection combines Julia B.’s love of handmade paper and linens with Menocal’s cheerful and straightforward use of color in five distinct themes, including the Electra. “I have always loved fine papers, and, of course, I live for fine linens. And I thought Happy would be the perfect artist with whom to collaborate and translate this love into a beautiful and colorful medley for the home,” says founder and CEO Julia Berger.