There is a decidedly classic confidence in the timelessness of this crisp cobalt color—a felicity of familiarity rooted in traditions and abiding in appositeness, always refreshingly relevant and perpetually posh, and reveling in the enduring ornamentality of an heirloom passed down. The exact deep, expansive blue of a clear and cloudless sky on a bright, sunny day, it is hopefully optimistic and collectedly calm in its encompassing vivacity.

Dignified and distinguished, there is an orderly sincerity in this true-blue hue which is oftentimes congruously paired with a monochromatic range from inky navy to faintly frost with bluebell and hydrangea dancing in the in-between. Delft blue mingles well with many tones, but especially so with pops of peony, marigold, tangerine, and pear, and is always classic with cottony whites, a calling card of its earthenware namesake.

C2 Paint Windsor C2-762 / quarts starting at $31.45 /

Tulum Pillows / $550 for a pair /

La Mer Shatterproof Plates / $8–$18 /

Pots in Harbor by Mally Skok for  Stout / to the trade /

Large Castello Tray in Yves Blue and Wedwood Blue / $425 /

Marco Chest / $4,000 /

Druggist Square Vase / $325 /

Turfa Screen in Bamana Lapis Linen / $855 /