These requests are not so unusual to Rufty Homes, and we love making these dreams come true for our clients.

You can design your home to have any unique room or feature that suits your family’s lifestyle. It can be easy to imagine all the features you’d like to add to your home, but sometimes it can be hard to bring those ideas to full implementation. That’s where a custom builder comes into the picture. With a luxury custom builder’s depth of knowledge about the newest building products and processes, you can be sure your home will live exactly the way you intended.

We think homeowners should live colorfully in their homes. I don’t mean they should live in a whirling circus of primary hues but rather that they should live authentically and without limits by designing a world with their own special touches. With a new custom home or luxury remodel of your existing home, you can add exactly what your family needs to thrive, whether that’s an oasis of restorative calmness or entertainment—however you define colorful living.

As an example, homeowners Mitch and Thuy purchased a former Parade of Homes luxury residence built by our team at Rufty Homes. After enjoying the home for many years, the couple decided the way they could live their best lives was to outfit their space with an in-home musical recording studio. It was an exacting project that required perfect dimensions that capture the hard-to-achieve neutral frequency response required for a professional studio. Our team dedicated the extra time and effort needed to achieve this specialty effect so the family could live just the way they wanted, incorporating both entertainment and revenue into their home.

After the last two years of worldwide turmoil, you may crave a tranquil, restorative atmosphere. Our designer helps homeowners choose an up-to-date color palette, such as the calming blues and greens that embody today’s neutrals. Do previous stay-at-home orders have you wishing to work at home full-time? One of our homeowners achieved this dream by building her art studio as a standalone building in the backyard. Does your family prefer hanging out at home on Saturday afternoons? Another Rufty homeowner expanded entertainment space with a stunning outdoor living area worthy of a magazine spread.

To ensure our homeowners get exactly what they want, Rufty’s staff often finds itself coming up with colorful solutions. In the age of a slow supply chain, for example, we built a wall to temporarily replace sliding doors that didn’t show up on schedule. The homeowners were able to move into their new home and begin enjoying it anyway. This solution allowed them to continue living full lives without interruption.

It’s possible to make your home comfortable, safe, fun, soothing, productive—anything that helps you live your best life. You can live colorfully every day by taking control of your home’s design with a custom builder talented enough to translate your wishes into real-life brick and mortar.

JON RUFTY is owner of RUFTY HOMES and can be contacted at 919-460-8550 or JON@RUFTY.COM.