When professionally mined by a reputable quarry that is an expert in extracting that beauty from the earth, these stones can be a stunning addition to someone’s home. For thousands of years, mankind has quarried natural stones from the earth, but with the addition of today’s innovative technology, it is easier to find unique varieties of stone.

In the mountains of Brazil, CRS has built and strengthened relationships with quarries and exporters who bring exclusive natural stones to market. Because of longstanding relationships over the last twenty-five years, CRS usually gets the first choice of stone to offer to our customers. Being first in line enables us to bring the best of the best to our showroom—the best color, cut, and clarity of stones available to design beautiful kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor countertops.

One of our exclusive partners is Zucchi, the largest Brazilian natural stone exporter. We work with this partner to bring the highest quality stones to market in our Raleigh, Charleston, and Virginia Beach showrooms. Zucchi consistently invests in new technology, modern equipment, and research and development.

One of the advantages of this partnership is the opportunity to bring new discoveries to market. As a result of our partnership with Zucchi, we are pleased to present a newly discovered quartzite called Azzurra Bay. Premium Azzurra Bay slabs offer a bright white background with thin, soft gray veining versatile enough for a traditional, transitional, or modern application.

In addition to new material, Zucchi also provides CRS with wellknown favorites like Taj Mahal, which lives up to its name. With a neutral creamy background and soft waves of gold veining running throughout, this quartzite makes an elegant statement and can warm up any kitchen or bathroom.

Part of what makes natural stone so beautiful is the uniqueness of each slab. I always recommend homeowners visit our showroom to see the magnificence of the material up close. With abundant lighting and high-caliber selections, you’re sure to find the perfect slab for your home.

Contact Sunny Surana at CRS MARBLE & GRANITE’S Raleigh showroom at 7521 Exhibit Court or visit CRSGRANITE.COM.