But style is only one of six factors you should consider when choosing a new sink. Would it cross your mind to think about how you’ll use your sink or the importance of selecting the right material?

To help narrow the field of hundreds of possible sink options, read on for a definitive guide to choosing the right product for your needs.

SIZE: The size you want may not be the size your cabinet can handle. Selecting a sink starts with measuring the base cabinet. If you have a thirty-six-inch cabinet, you must install a thirtysix-inch sink or smaller. Also, give some thought to how you use the area around your sink. A wider sink is great for washing a high volume of dishes, but it takes up valuable countertop space. You’ll also need to determine whether a six-, eight-,nine-, or ten-inch depth works within your setup.

Consider how you use the sink. Do you wash large pans? Do you often need to share the sink with someone else?
Thinking through how the space is used enables you to choose a single or double bowl and determine the size of the bowls
needed to accommodate your task list.

STRUCTURE: Maybe you want an apron-front farmhouse sink, but your cabinet structure or countertop cannot support it. Whether you choose an undermount, drop-in, farmhouse, or dual-mount sink, you’ll need to understand a variety of
nuanced structural support features for each choice.

SUBSTANCE: One of the most enjoyable aspects of choosing a sink is selecting the material: stainless steel, quartz, or fireclay. There are advantages to each and factors to consider. Looking for an ultramodern statement? Stainless steel may be right for you. Worried about burn marks from hot pots or scratches and dents? Then consider quartz, which offers unbelievable impermeability, hardness, and stain resistance. Most interested in a traditional farmhouse look? Then fireclay may be right for you.

STRENGTH: Materials offer differing levels of sturdiness. Even within certain material choices, there are variations. For example, stainless steel comes in different gauges; the lower the gauge, the thicker the metal. Both fireclay and quartz are tough options perfect for busy families.

SOUND: Who knew sound was a component to consider when purchasing a sink? If you would like to control the clang and clatter of flatware as you wash it, consider a quartz or fireclay sink, or seek out a sink supplier like ELKAY, which adds sound-deadening pads under its stainless-steel sinks.

The kitchen sink is one of the most used and abused pieces of equipment in your home. Educate yourself and choose wisely. Visit elkay.com/Learning Center/Sink Selection Tool to help narrow the choices and find the ideal sink for you.

COURTNEY VAUGHN is regional residential lead sales representative at ELKAY. Learn more at ELKAY.COM or call 800-476-4106.