Sometimes it’s used as an oversized closet full of items you think you may need someday. It might be a home for mismatched pieces. Perhaps it’s where you put that treadmill. But, no matter how it’s used, the guest room probably needs some love.

When I had my first home, my very stylish and very particular grandmother paid me a visit. She wrote a sweet thank-you note at the end of her stay, expressing how beautiful everything was, but she also left me a list of the things she felt the guest room needed. I never forgot her advice.

This job was meant to be a phase-two project, but with the holidays approaching, it was put on the front burner. When designing this space, we needed to be creative with the budget, as we had not held back on the rest of the house.

Paint does wonders. It took a bit of convincing, but we chose a dark wall color for a dramatic effect. With all of the delicate, dappled light filtering in, the finished look won her over. Don’t be afraid of a dark color.

I was off to a good start.

My next selections were an accent chair and a very cool (and inexpensive) bed. And because we had saved a bit on those pieces, I ordered a size-appropriate leather-bound upholstered side table. A room should always have that one special piece.

We were still on budget.

I then visited two of my favorite local shops, Slate Interiors and Cotswold Marketplace, to find the remaining items to fill the room: a small, framed butterfly art piece, a long vintage bed pillow, a simple rug to ground the space, accent bedding, and lighting. A day of shopping locally is always an adventure, as I am creating and designing on the fly, but I find outstanding pieces. I think I inherited this knack from my grandmother. She was the very best at the hunt.

This space is now a cohesive, interesting room that is pulled together beautifully and complements the entire home’s collected feel. Your guests may camp out and never leave!

BETH CONANT-KEIM is the owner of LUCY AND COMPANY, a full-service interior design firm located at
2108 South Boulevard, Suite 213. For more information, visit LUCYANDCOMPANY.COM or call 704-342-6655.