And what better way to do that than with new doors and a lighter, brighter color palette. This is precisely what we did when designing one of my favorite homes in Myers Park. We said goodbye to the small double patio doors and brought in a full wall of glass. The newly designed patio now feels like part of the living room and looks nearly double its size.

Using similar colors, we changed up the walls and furniture in the living room. One great way to lighten up a room is by redesigning the fireplace wall. Once heavy with wood-flanking built-ins, we made this wall sleek by adding a pair of custom cabinets and simple floating shelves over the top—custom made by Jacob Wolfe of 2dash1. Down came the mantle and heavy woodwork and up went large-scale tile with the look and feel of light cement.

With all of the neutral colors, we needed a big dose of pattern, so we incorporated ivory sofas with a striking geometric pattern. Don’t be afraid to use patterns. They may be scary on a small swatch, but they can make quite an impact. All of thesepieces together speak to each other in a calming, light, and airy way, yet all are interesting in their detail. The patterned pillows, special hardware, and different materials all play off of each other.

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