Columbian-born designer Richard Mishaan combines his love of architecture, design, and color in his latest offerings from Visual Comfort. The Tilly Large Table Lamp is sophisticated in structure with its cinched gold waist and bold in color with its bright blue stripes. The combination is simple yet striking, adding an element of versatility to any room. circalighting.com

Making the leap from the banking world to the design world may not seem like an obvious move, but designer Kira Faiman has done just that, and effortlessly. Her new lifestyle brand, Von Gern Home, is an intoxicating mix of stylish table accessories in a variety of bright hues and interesting designs. These coasters are no exception, offering a playful yet chic alternative to mini-protective drink trays. A half-oval shape covered in richly colored lacquer is paired with the thinnest of thin contrasting stripes for a modern look that elevates the average cocktail table. vongernhome.com

Local decorative-hardware-design favorite Addison Weeks is known for adding beautifully colored gemstones and unique style to their line of jewelry and decorative hardware. Their latest brainchild was inspired by a designer looking to add a pink-jade stone accent in a glamorous walk-in closet to match a custom carpet. “The addition of pink jade to our collection was perfect because of its depth and rich tone,” Katherine Weeks Mulford says. “Pink jade is a gemstone known to offer a nurturing energy that creates feelings of tranquility and aids us with insightful dreams. We thought it was a color that was a happy accent for spring.” addisonweeks.com

Designer Kyle Bunting has created a world in which almost anything is possible, which has always been his design goal, saying, “designing without limitation is the ultimate expression of luxury.” Working exclusively with hide material, Bunting has opened the design world’s eyes to the versatility of this dimensional fabric. From upholstery and walls to pillows and rugs, the untapped potential is endless. In his new Riviera Collection, Bunting creates a dizzying array of colorful canopy designs inspired by the Italian Riviera. “Portofino (shown here) was inspired by a time when travel was the norm. We think about focusing on the sunlight and water out our back French doors, inviting us to break the stay-at-home order and be with our fellow humans once again.” Create your own colorful mix or shop the three available designs in-house. kylebunting.com

The collaboration between Society Social’s Roxy Te and designer Ariel Okin has produced a one-of-a-kind collection full of colorful and sophisticated accents, rich in traditional bones but updated with a modern approach. The collection features seven essential pieces of furniture perfectfor completing a living room that exudes  new traditionalist style. The pieces can be customized with myriad fabrics and colors, including your own picks to match your individual style or any one of Society Social’s sixty-plus fabrics and any Benjamin Moore or Sherwin-Williams paint color. societysocial.com

Rising star designer Sasha Bikoff has partnered with Currey & Company to create a vibrant new line of furniture and lighting, including the Miami Beach pendant and illuminated floor accessory shown here. The line, which launched in April, has a distinct Miami vibe with a touch of ’80s nostalgia and a healthy dose of pretty color. Varied textures, couture fabrics, and bright colors, combined with her penchant for Italian Renaissance and French rococo antiques, Sixties Pop, and 1980s Italian Memphis, distinguish Bikoff’s brash design. Drawing inspiration from the beaches in Miami to those in Malibu, as well as from cherries, hibiscus, shells, and ocean waves, the new collection is decidedly bold, colorful, fresh, and fun. “The creativity of the brand has always resonated with me, and when the opportunity arose to be a part of the Currey family, I felt like it was a match made in heaven,” Bikoff says. curreyandco.com

Local gallery owner, philanthropist, and collector Chandra Johnson together with famed interior designer Barrie Benson have joined forces to create Peg Norriss—a collaboration geared toward bringing artists to the forefront of design. “Chandra and I have always loved collaborating and have developed such a strong creative synergy over the years,” Benson says. “It started as a passion project, marrying our two worlds of contemporary art and design.” 

By producing capsule collections that translate the artists’ work into interiors, Peg Norriss is able to support artists both creatively and financially. “It’s a way to take their existing work and reimagine it,” Johnson says.

The collections are offered exclusively through Schumacher, a further collaboration that came together in near-perfect form. “I knew their devotion to art would dovetail so well with what we’ve been doing at Schumacher by bringing artists and artisans to the fore,” says Schumacher creative director Dara Caponigro.

Their latest artist collaboration with Jackie Gendel brings a storied collection of wallcoverings that echo the colorful and evocative nature of Gendel’s paintings, bringing to light her process, sequence, and form. “Barrie and I both fell in love with Jackie’s use of color and her strong feminine perspective,” Johnson says. Toile De Femmes, The Golden Age, and Steps are three design ways that Gendel has perfected, each with its own unique story. From the whimsical and majestic three-panel design of The Golden Age to a lyrical twist on traditional toile, Gendel’s interpretation of wallcoverings is easy on the art lover’s eyes. pegnorriss.com