Coy and sultry yet magically spirited in its deep and moody velvety saturation, this tempest tone allures with its mystery. A harmoniously balanced and brilliant blue tinged with dollops of deep green, this sophisticated and soulful jewel-box hue is graciously grandeur and glamorous while richly relaxed. A punch of poppy red, saffron, or copper adds fiery contrast and warmth from across the color wheel while emerald, amethyst, and aquamarine enhance the bejeweled luster highlighting the alluring depths and dimension of a blue cast. Notes of navy make it nearly a neutral, and brighter hints of teal make it sing. The plumage-toned bouquet of peacock blue effortlessly finds a mate with  a wide range of color pairings.

Trella Benedict Cluster / $10,220 /

Cole & Son Pavo Parade / to the trade /

Matouk Pomegranate Pillowcases / $165–$194 for the pair /

Julian Chichester Deneuve Cabinet /to the trade /

Made Goods Lawson Stool / $600 /

Jonathan Adler Rider Dining Chair / $995 /