Mudrooms and laundry rooms used to be the functional but forgotten parts of a home and were not part of the overall design plan. Fine architectural features were reserved for the house’s main areas. But today’s mudrooms and laundry rooms have materialized into spaces that incorporate the luxury features once reserved for the more formal living areas of a home. Despite the hardworking, practical nature of mudrooms and laundry rooms, homeowners enjoy getting their work done amidst beautiful arrangements.

In the wide variety of luxury homebuilding projects and custom remodeling jobs completed for our clients, we have noticed that homeowners want to treat all of their rooms with extra-special attention. It’s a good fit for Rufty Homes since we specialize in making our clients’ dreams a reality through custom design and construction. Luxury touches once reserved for other rooms have made their way into mudrooms and laundry rooms, which have become multi-functional areas, serving as a home-organization hub, a craft area, a pantry, a party prep space, and a pet center in addition to their more obvious uses.

We expect certain luxury laundry-room trends to continue into 2020, including special attention to appliances and finishes. No longer home for plastic washtubs or metal sinks, farmhouse sinks are showing up in laundry rooms, nestled into high-end countertops such as marble and Dekton—a highquality sintered stone. Creative color combinations expressed through paint, wallpaper, and tile turn bland cabinets, walls, and floors into fresh and unconventional styles. Double washers and dryers can handle the loads of large families, while built-in desks and craft islands let parents handle duties and hobbies in style. Light fixtures and custom window treatments, previously reserved for main living areas, are beautifying functional spaces, many times residing in the same room as special pet features like pull-out food bins and doggie showers.

For many, mudrooms are where family members start and end their days with the outside world. Luxurious additions and high-end details in these rooms help ease the transition from a stressful day to home’s comforting and familiar atmosphere. No matter the room size, attention to detail reigns, with built-in cubbies, custom bins, crown molding, and high-end hardware such as coat hooks and cabinetry pulls hiding clutter and blending with the rest of the home’s interior design scheme. Although it may be a separate room or merely a hallway, the new focus is on merging this transitional room with the rest of the home. Coordination between your custom builder and interior designer is essential, ensuring that these functional rooms work well in your home. At Rufty Homes, our designers play a vital role in our projects’ success. Together, we can customize the smallest details to fulfill Rufty Homes’ commitment to building our clients’ dreams.

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