A countertop is more than a place where meals are prepared. It’s where homework is done, where there’s shared conversation over a cup of coffee, and where the holiday buffet is spread. A countertop surface needs to be hard working in such a busy kitchen. For this reason I often recommend engineered quartz to my clients who want to combine beauty and durability. In fact, Consumer Reports ranks quartz as the number one countertop in terms of performance in busy kitchens. My specific recommendation to my clients is to consider LG Viatera quartz for its reliability and elegance.

There are several reasons we stock Viatera quartz at CRS Marble & Granite. First, it has amazing durability and does not fade. Viatera produces its quartz slabs with up to 93 percent quartz content, which is one of the hardest minerals on earth and provides superior strength to engineered stone. It’s a low maintenance stone that does not require sealing since its nonporous surface does not trap or hide bacteria. That makes Viatera quartz naturally hygienic.

We also are pleased that Viatera is conveniently located in the Southeast, at a factory dedicated solely to quartz production in Adairsville, Georgia. The company produces quartz slabs sustainably, with environmentally friendly business practices and manufacturing processes in place such as waste recycling and emissions control. Viatera is both NSF International and  Greenguard ® certified.

The versatility of Viatera quartz also makes it an attractive countertop option. Customers can choose from more than fifty colors organized into eight stylized collections, including new colors added this year, to keep the options fresh. From bold and exotic to subtle minimalist, there’s a style for every homeowner. With Jumbo slabs that are 24 percent larger than the industry standard, Viatera quartz can be successfully used in larger layouts, such as large kitchen islands, with fewer seams.

Another feature makes this product attractive to our customers: Viatera provides a fifteen-year warranty that is transferrable if homeowners sell their house. A warranty is a bonus assurance that countertops will look great for years to come.

SUNNY SURANA is president of CRS MARBLE & GRANITE. Visit the Raleigh showroom at 7521 Exhibit Court,
see CRSGRANITE.COM, or call 919-784-9282.