“Where style meets home” is more than a tagline for interior designer Martha Schneider. The owner and principal of Raleigh-based La Maison has always loved the interplay of fashion and interiors. Much like an oil painting, Schneider’s transitional aesthetic reveals itself with its many detailed layers. Here she shares what inspires her design along with a few of her favorite things. “The client’s personality and lifestyle are my main focus. While I work with fabulous furnishings like embroidered fabrics and cut velvets, it’s important to tailor the project to the client’s everyday function - ality,” Schneider says. “Art can be a perfect place to begin. A one-of-a-kind painting from a European artist like Peter Keil can be mixed with old furnishings and current fabrics to create a look that is timeless,” she continues. “The finishing touches of beautiful trim, glamorous lighting, and a special accessory like a textured box or tray tell the story of a home with great style,” she says. “And in most cases, you’ll find the signature stamp of a leopard fabric somewhere in my design.” 

1. AERIN Liscia Chandelier / http://www.aerin.com


2. Original Art by Peter Keil / http://www.lamaisonraleigh.com


3. Skin and Bones Studio Ostrich Boxes / http://www.lamaisonraleigh.com

4. Vintage Chanel ‘90s Gold-Plated Pendant Necklace / http://www.1stsdibs.com

5. Pierre Frey La Folie du Jour / www.pierrefrey.com