Designed to integrate seamlessly into your kitchen island, the granite herb garden is part of their latest collection introduced in 2015. “As grey city courtyards are converted into green gardens and warehouses are turned into lofts, the kitchen is now being transformed into an oasis from the chaos of modern life,” says Hans Henkes, president and CEO of SieMatic Möbelwerke USA.   “With every new tech device introduced to the home, the desire for more greenery and a balance with nature is enhanced.” 

The herb garden, which is available in all SieMatic StoneDesign countertop options, as well as laminates for even more color options, is part of a theme of open design in their lifestyle-inspired collection, URBAN. Designed to capture the essence of city living, while celebrating nature and the outdoors, the collection allows organic gardening enthusiasts from cities, suburbs and rural areas to invite nature into their kitchen while delivering an open look that showcases aesthetic without detracting from any view of the outdoors. 

“The URBAN theme is for anyone who enjoys mixing different styles with a creatively fresh perspective on flexibility and functionality,” Henkes says. The SieMatic 29 kitchen sideboards offer high-level functionality and versatility, with a freestanding “solitaire” design and base cabinets with open shelves, as well as the granite herb garden or storage option for kitchen islands.