We live in the 21st century, where it is important to be sustainable, healthy and for most people, convenient. We’ve compiled a list of the newest gadgets for your kitchen and bathroom that will help you conserve water, provide sustainable food and simply make life easier.

1. Tulip / Bath Shower

This shower, inspired by tulips and created by Piotr Pyrtek, is designed for small spaces. The door of the shower is used as the tub when not in use as a shower. Patent is still pending and awaiting a manufacturer.


2. 1 Limit Faucet

This faucet holds one liter of water, allowing a single person to only use the necessary amount of water to brush your teeth or wash your hands. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, an average person uses about 1 gallon to wash their hands or face. In comparison, one gallon is equal to a little less than four liters.


3. LG Refrigerator

This refrigerator has a mind of its own –literally. It can monitor your food to let you know when food is expiring as well as what food you have on hand. This allows you to be less wasteful and more conscious of consuming before buying more. The LG Refrigerator is part of HomeChat, a software program that can communicate between other appliances in your home and it can send a grocery list to your phone, once programmed.


4. GE Café Series French Door Refrigerator with Keurig K-Cup Brewing System

With a Keurig K-Cup brewing system built into the refrigerator’s water dispenser, you can get fresh, filtered water for your coffee or tea every time—no need to refill. When the refrigerator hits the market, you’ll also be able to download an app that you can use to schedule the coffee maker to turn on at a certain time, as long as you remember to load it up with a K-Cup the night before.

5. LG Twin Wash

Allows you do two loads of washing at the same time with a separate drawer that can fit under any of LG’s front-load washers. It can handle smaller, more delicate loads while the main machine works through an entirely different cycle. When not in use, the mini washer serves as the pedestal for the main machine.


6. Wireless Speaker Shower Head

Belt it out during your shower with Kohler’s new wireless speaker shower head. It syncs with Bluetooth devices and can be removed from the shower for charging. The showerhead not only plays music, but also has several shower settings, similar to other showerheads. The speaker can also be transported to other rooms in the home for listening pleasure.

7. Self-Sterilizing Door Handle

The door handle sterilizes itself to keep germs from spreading. When the door handle is not in use, it triggers a spring that turns on a UV light to sterilize the handle. When the door handle is in use, the spring turns off the light.