Representing the hardest working room of the house, the kitchen demands a great deal of expert planning to get right. Whether you’re ready to begin a remodel or a totally new design, the proper preparation is essential to getting you there. Based on many years of tried and true experience, Darcy Mullally, a Certified Kitchen Designer with Whitehall Kitchen Studio shares her advice on the process.

Charting the Course

Finding a kitchen designer that understands your lifestyle needs, along with the possibilities and limitations of the space you actually have to work with, can mean the difference between the joy of successful completion, or the frustration of wasting time and money all along the road.

“It’s just as important for clients to be clear about what’s not currently working in their existing kitchen as the things they hope to add,” explains Mullally. It may be that your kitchen operates just fine, but its finishes are long past their prime. Or perhaps you know you want a complete renovation, but really don’t know how to retool the entire space. Being prepared to share with your kitchen designer what you hope to change, as well as how you need it to function long-term, gives both of you a firm place to start the journey.

Understanding Your Boundaries

Mullally always suggests making decisions on your kitchen’s key components in the beginning before going too far in the design process. For example, appliances often become a large chunk of the total budget. Not only do those decisions have an effect on what’s then left for the rest of the project, but because there are such wide variations in sizes for today’s modern appliances, it also affects the entire configuration of kitchen space.

“Don’t keep your lips sealed on your budget,” advises Mullally. Finding a designer you can trust to honor your budget truly makes all the difference here. Out of fear that designers will bleed the budget if they really knew what they could spend, many consumers try to keep the real budget number undisclosed until the last moment possible, which actually hampers and lengthens the entire process, and may result in choosing the wrong products for the job.

Reaching Your Destination

“Achieving just the right balance between function and visual appeal in a kitchen is always the most exciting part,” explains Mullally. Reworking valuable space to discover layouts that accomplish the right workflow in your kitchen can turn daily irritation into an easy, comfortable workspace.

Finding features that not only add beauty, but efficiency is key. An essential example is in the selection of cabinets. Whitehall Kitchen Studio’s choice of Showplace Wood Products is based on many factors from its wide selection of styles and features to flexibility in design. Achieving the completely custom look without the cost of every cabinet being custom is just one of their innovative solutions. Options such as eye-catching decorative elements and creative storage accessories add to their appeal.

With cabinets and so many other areas of the kitchen, the value in finding a kitchen expert who understands your needs and can guide you through the vast selection of products cannot be underestimated. Discovering the right products for your particular space and style is vital to your best end result, and to ultimately reaching the completion of your kitchen expedition successfully.

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